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Art is a sacred pursuit, it is also a pursuit full of hardship and struggle. I deeply appreciate the challenge faced by an artist, because my wife is an artist. Often times, an artist needs to struggle in loneliness for years or even decades without any reward or recognition . lt is like walking in a long, dark tunnel without seeing the light for very long time. Mr, Nie is such a traveler in solitude. However, instead of giving up, Mr. Nie fought like a true warrior. Using paint brush as his weapon, Mr. Nie created an artistic world full of amazing beauty. Mr. Nie’ s oil painting s are characterized by bold colors, free form, and a unique style that is different from anyone else’s.His work combines elements of impressionist masters such as Van Gogh and Monet with the creativity and freedom art, showing a deep contemplation of life with rich colors and romantic lines.
Of Mr. Nie’ s oil painting Modern Divine Comedy,the ln ferno uses subdued colors to show distorted human figures struggling in pain, and the paradiso lays bare the emptiness of a decadent materialism societyon a background of flowing gold. This thoughtful work serves as a vivid sculpture of the modern society, a sculpture built with brush and paint. The Thinker of Rodin is character sitting on the Gates of Hell. The oil paintings of Mr. Nie are colorful reflections of the vanity and darkness of a materialism society like the striking scenes in the Gates of Hell. Mr. Nie himself is the Thinker sitting atop the Gates of Hell, facing the struggle of life, and lighting up the world with unwavering spiritual pursuit.

Comics by Nie Chongrui

Watercolor Painting by Nie Chongwen

Contemporary Art

Oil Painting by Jack Nie

Every year, stupendous shows are performed for the celebration of the New Year and the Spring Festival, they excite the intellect of a few hundred million audience, and won the applause of over a billion fans! Renminbi pour in like the eruption from an oil well. In contrast, the role of a painter is a miserable one. Painting is solitary work, one shuts oneself up at home, laboring alone. Even if you paint a roomful of pictures, hardly anybody will care about you, the future is bleak. What can you do but to keep painting? If a painter lives next door, you will not know at all what he is doing. No sound, no movement.

Occasionally he comes out, dressed sloppily, looking distracted. Because the painter lacks people skills, he is laughed at as “silly it”. In every neighborhood there are probably one or two painters like this. They are anonymous artists, they sign at the right corner after a painting is finished, people will not know who it is by looking at the signature. I am one of these artists.